The healing process is very important, for the best results please follow these instructions:

+ No alcohol 24 hours before, or after your tattoo.

+ Keep the plastic cover on 12-24 hours. Wash with cold/medium water and use an unscented soap (Lactacyd).

+ Gently press your towel against the skin, do not rub!

+ Apply a thin layer of cream (Jukon or Bepanthen) 3-7 times a day until your tattoo is completley healed.

+ Your tattoo should never feel dry.

+ Do NOT scratch your tattoo, even if it's ichy, this could cause an infection and/or loss of color.

+ Avoid sun, sunbaths/solarium, baths (clorine) and sauna during the healing process (aprox. 14 days).

+ Do not cover your tattoo with bandages or tight clothes during the healing process (aprox. 14 days).

+ When your tattoo is healed try to use a high protective sun lotion whenever you are exposed to the sun. This will help your tattoo to remain it's color and quality.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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